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Marta Wilczyńska
Surgical treatments

Brow lifting

Drooping eyebrows and upper eyelids are an indispensable sign of the passing time. Drooping eyelids are not only the cause of sagging skin and eyelid muscles, but also a consequence of the eyebrow drooping on the outside. Most often, 1/3 of the outer part of the eyebrow droops, but it also happens that almost the entire eyebrow droops. In addition, the eyebrows, especially in women around 1/3 of the outer surface, become thinner. Eyebrow drop is caused by the disappearance of the fat under the temporal muscle and the effect of gravity act on the forehead and the eyebrows. The position of the medial part of the eyebrow does not change. Drooping eyebrows make the eye look sad and old. Eyebrow lift - rejuvenates! For better, more youthful looking this procedure usually is joined with upper and lower eyelids correction.

Each treatment is preceded by appropriate planning of skin cuts. The procedure consists in making an incision in the eyebrows, at their upper border, and removing the triangular fragment of skin above them, with extra tension of the muscle, which additionally gives extra a nice bulge belove it. The wound is closed with layers of stitches that are removed one week after the procedure. A scar remains, which is practically invisible in the future. Performing the eyebrow lift in conjunction with the correction of the upper eyelids automatically results in a smaller amount of removed tissues at the outer corner during blepharoplasty. Sometimes we have such a large drop that the practically removed amount of skin on the upper eyelid causes the eyebrows and eyelashes to fuse. In such cases, the eyebrow lift is absolutely necessary. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. After the procedure, the patient is wearing a pressure dressing, which is removed not earlier than 6 hours after the procedure. Such procedure reduces bruising and improves aesthetic results.

Consequences and complications after the eyebrow lift procedure:

  1. Swelling and bruising - this is a consequence, not a complication.
  2. Asymmetry, we are not symmetrical, so perfect symmetry cannot be obtained.
  3. Hematoma, accumulation of blood in the prepared space, forcing the surgeon to re-evacuate the hematoma to find the source of the bleeding and close it. Failure to do so may have further consequences such as abscess formation.
  4. Wound infection, non-wound dehiscence, prolonged healing and poor aesthetic result with a wide scar, hypertrophic or even keloid scar.
  5. Necrosis of the wound edges, with loss of eyebrow hair.
  6. Temporary or permanent sensory disturbances at the site of surgery.
  7. Pain in the operated area is periodic or persistent.
  8. Unsatisfactory aesthetic effect or lack of the expected effect, which is only a subjective assessment of the patient. You will miss the patient's expectations of the surgeon's operational capabilities.
  9. Inability to remove all wrinkles and change the skin structure!
  10. Allergies to drugs used

Important information

Surgery time45 min
Convalescence time2 weeks
Stitches remove7 days
Return to office work after2 weeks
Return to physical work1 month
Return to the gim1 month
Wizyty kontrolne3, 6, 12 miesięcy